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2 weeks ago


Have been looking forward to indulging in these products and creating content via YouTube, Instagram, etcetera 💫 Very excited to try the scalp care products!

Here is a picture of my hair this past November 🤭

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8 months ago

Announcing Mylani’s Latest Tool


Mylani Beauty’s Hydrasonic Scalp Exfoliator will be AVAILABLE in less than 4 hours!⏳🥳

This amazing tool helps you:
✅Removes Build-up
✅Controls Oil Production
✅Purifies your Scalp
✅Anti-fungal Action
✅Remove Dead Skin Cells
✅Promotes Cell Renewal

The first 20 buyers will get a FREE Soothing Scalp Tonic (valued at $25)!💃🏾

📌Visit and make sure to sign up on our email list so you won’t miss out on our exciting offers and surprises for you!

👋🏾Sa... Read More

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8 months ago

(S)HEA PUDD’N - was just looking up the ingredients and noticed Provitamin B5

hadn't seen that before. but pretty neat getting vitamins for my hair

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8 months ago

Let’s go DEEP!!?

So many express that their hair is excessively dry and in need of more conditioning than the standard rinse out conditioner.
So I went deep in my bag.

Introducing DEEP

A proprietary deep moisture penetrating conditioner packed with

💧Cetearyl alcohol- a fatty plant based compound that helps infuse incredible amounts of moisture, seals the cuticle of the hair and eases in detangling
💧Castor Oil- a nutrient packed oil that helps promote hair growth, increase blood flow to the scalp, and is antibacte... Read More

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8 months ago

Getting ready for the holidays who's with me?